Update Your Phone Number

Video Tutorial

Written Guide

Prepare your phone number and UNHCR Card or UNHCR Letter 

Key in:

PHONE (your case number) (your individual number)  (your new phone number)

Send it to 0111 7225 222


You will receive confirmation of submission through SMS.

Once the contact update is successful, you will receive a notification SMS.

If you do not receive the above notification SMS within 7 days, please re-send your SMS following Step 2.


Yes, you may update more than one phone number, in separate SMS-es.

Yes, you may do so by using the same format with their respective case and individual numbers.

No. Please insert only one individual number at a time.

No. Please insert only one case number at a time.

If you have yet to receive a confirmation SMS, please re-send your SMS.

If you have yet to receive a SMS notification, please re-send your SMS.

If your update has been successful, you will be notified via a confirmation SMS.

The standard SMS rates provided by your telco provider applies.

All UNHCR services are free of charge. You will not be charged for updating your contact number.

Yes, you may do so  at the UNHCR counters or during interviews with UNHCR staff members.

Update Your Phone Number Using Website

Go to Contact page to update your phone number using the website.