UNHCR Malaysia he ton a duhmi paoh nih zung he i ton ding ni caan (appointment) lak hmasa a herh.

Nain, UNHCR card asiloah UNHCR nih pekmi catlap a ngei cangmi hna nih cun a tanglei langhtermi kong he pehtlai in zung rat na duh tikah zung rat ni caan hal hmasa a herh lo.

  • Nau chuakka benh duh tikah
  • Card thlaumi thawngthanh duh tikah
  • Na card asiloah na catlap tharchuah (renew/ tet-tan-ttu) na duh tikah

Halnak ca kuatmi paoh cu UNHCR nih ningcang tein a tawlrel hna lai. UNHCR nihhin nikhat ah email a zaza in a don caah na cakuatmi leh colh na si lo tikah lungsau tein na hngah lai.

Zung he i ton dingin ni caan (appointment) halnak voikhat na kuat cang hnu cun a dang na kua chap ti lai lo. Cuti na kuat than ahcun zung he i tong dingin ruahpiakmi na ni caan kha a rauhter deuh khawh.

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Please note: Nangmah lungtlinnak tel loin na konglam hi nangmah na chuahkehnak ram nawlngeitu hna sinah siseh midang sinah siseh UNHCR nih kan pe/ hrawmh hna lai lo.

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